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date samedi 18 février 2012

:: Electric circus Carnival @ Cologne / Allemagne

psytrance, progressive trance, progressive house, tech house, techno, psyprogressive

For the celebration of the Carnival 2012 and the rebirth of our parties in Cologne, we are happy to present you the top of the international psytrance, progressive and electronic music acts. An evening in a fantastic world, organic, futuristic, creative that call all your senses and pushes the limits even further...

LineUp :

- TICON (Sweden) - Live

- AVALON (UK) - Live

- FABIO & MOON (Germany) - Special Live Set

- FUSI & JOHNSON (Germany) - Live


- SENSIFEEL / CYKLONES / MINFEEL (France) - Special Live Set

- MAPUSA MAPUSA (Germany) - DJ

- LA NIÑA (Germany) - DJ


Atmosphere :
- Mae & Moa (France/Austria)
- Jamin Murphy (USA)
- Electric Circus magic show & lights

Use our Shuttle Service from Hamburg and Paris to Cologne and back, directly to the location !



With a deep background in the technoscene they started playing around on their computer in 1995 and this step brought them along many paths they hadnt dreamed of. The experience aquired along the way has switched the scene from the amateur thing of the beginning to the standard of today ; an acclaimed production with an exquisite feeling for sounds and percussion.

The project Ticon was started in 1999 as a natural progression towards something new and they soon got the attention deserved. Their unique style walks the thin line between progressive house and trance with crossover excursions on both sides. This gives their music a variation from the floorfilling to the hipswinging funky but they all emit the Ticon sound and the message to be happy and to be loosin it to the music. Website



Leon ’Avalon’ (Uk, Nano records) is currently one of the biggest up and coming names on the international psytrance circuit. Avalon’s rip-roaring full-on, melodic, driving, yet surprisingly hard-hitting and evocative sound, is totally unique and has been tried and tested with huge success on dancefloors worldwide.

Avalon has been tearing it up at parties in over 20 countries over the past year, at events including Glade 2009 (UK), Tribe 8 Anos, Universo Paralello 10, (Brazil) Burning man 09 (US), Origin 2010 (South Africa) as well as at some of the largest festivals and club nights across Europe, Japan and Australia. Whilst making incredible leaps and bounds with his solo production and DJing, he has also been remixed by and invited to work with some of the biggest names in the scene, forming recent collaborations with Zen mechanics, Cosmosis, Burn In noise, Lucas, Waio, Logica, Dickster. Avalon has also just teamed up with Tristan to form a new power house liveact called Killawatts. They are currently taking bookings all over the globe, so look out !

Recent releases Include his debut album on Nano records, ‘Distant Futures,’ and latest ep ’Session one’ all Gaining top 10 and number 1 slots on beatport . Stay tuned for future Ep and compilation releases on top labels such as Nano, Neurobiotic, Hommega Alchemy and Tipworld.



Both being notorious for their excessive passion for party and a knack for the appropriate music, their joined forces represent a mighty double dose of up-to-date Progressive sound. So it’s no wonder that the gigs and releases of Fabio & Moon hit the nerve of the international dance floors from the very first moment.

It was around 2005. Fabio knew that there was some other DJ in his hometown Hamburg named Benni Moon - and Benni Moon knew that there was some other DJ in his hometown Hamburg named Fabio. When the two of them met each other on the way to a gig, they eventually made acquaintance. Also, they figured out that they were neighbours.

Next thing they figured out was that next door there was quite interesting music : Both already had a great background as musicians and thus a lot of experience. Since they got along very well with each other, they started DJing together. This venture turned out to be a very promising one when the dance floor went on fire during their first mutual gig in 2007. One year later, Fabio and Benni decided to take their musical relationship to the next level and moved to a shared apartment as well as a shared studio.

Their sound could be described as fresh, playful, vocal-orientated, minimal Progressive Trance with a lot of bouncy offbeat rhythms and a touch of Pop. Already their debut, the Disco Damage EP, reached a number 1 ranking in the charts of Beatport. The follow-up turned out to be even more successful- the Crazy Trip EP became a highly acclaimed hit. Also the next releases, including a collaboration with Interactive Noise, gained remarkable good feedbacks.

The bursting-with-energy live appearance of Fabio & Moon did the rounds within the international scene. Among numerous gigs at many big open air festivals in Europe, like Summer Never Ends, Waldfrieden Wonderland, VuuV or Psychedelic Circus, especially their set at Aurora Festival 2010 in Greece became a memorable event in terms of fresh’n’frisky Progressive pleasure.



Behind the name we find experienced personalities Thomas Johanshon, well known as DJ Mapusa, and Fabio Fusco, well known as DJ Fabio. Both DJ’s have in many years been influential in Germany as well as on a global scale, with their fantastic progressive sets.

Serving thrills to thousands of fans all over the world. Now they are finally ready with their first full-length album as Fusi and Johnson. ’Just do it’ showcases their interpretation of progressive house and techno with roots in their own typical and well-known Hamburg sound.

A very dance floor friendly and uplifting sound with funky grooves and melodies, carved in with a skilled and talented production, making sure no one leaves without a smile on the face and a wonderful experience richer !



“Tim Healey blows the speakers apart with his trashed out sound, the music is as cutting edge as it can be” DJ MAG (UK)

DJ/producer Tim Healey, the godfather of electro-house, and founder member of genre-busting dance act, Coburn, continues to blaze a trail as tastemaker-extraordinaire in today’s music industry. With killer releases across a slew of labels (from Ultra to Ministry of Sound), awesome bookings and his label Surfer Rosa in its second year.

Surfer Rosa is blazing a sonic trail, sticking to its release remit of all that is cutting edge and electronic. They’ve hit no.1 spots on various portals including Beatport, and have released tracks and mixes by Dirtyloud, Calvertron, Tomcraft, Lutzenkirchen, Wizard, Kidda, Hatiras, Krafty Kuts, Slyde, Mark Instinct, Nom De Strip, Glitter, Hedflux, and Zen Death Squad. Often accompanied by their inimitable videos, they have licensed Surfer Rosa mix packs to SONY, Ministry of Sound, Superstar and others.

Tim’s new LP Rest in beats LP (released June 2011) covers a typically wide canvas of sounds from straight-up club electro-house to sublime chilled beats and bass to critical acclaim, receiving rave reviews across the board (Mixmag, DJ, Clash, Tillate). The album sees Tim collaborating with Calvertron, Top Cat, Atomic Drop, Freq House among others. Even UK Channel 4’s Peep Show character Super Hans (aka Matt King) popped in for the intro.

As a DJ, Tim has toured with and supported artists as diverse as Erick Morillo, The Prodigy and Pendulum and decimated dance-floors at pretty much every major rock festival in the world, from Reading to Fuji Rock, via freak-fests like Burning Man (USA), and Fusion (Germany). Playing his unique blend of ghetto-electro and the highest quality-club sounds, he’s no stranger to super-clubs world-wide, and endlessly tours the globe. If you want to rock an event, look no further.



The well known progressive trance DJ and live act SENSIFEEL has been founded in 1999 by Philippe Sancier from Paris, France. Philippe is also the co-organizer and artists’ director of N.O.M.A.D. Festival and Electric Circus.

He has been active in the French and international scene, playing and performing live sets and DJ sets all over the world (Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Japan as well all around Europe). Of course, he has also performed on the biggest festivals, including Universo Paralello, Fusion, VooV, Indian Spirit, Soulvision, Tshitraka Projekt, OV Silence, Soma, Full Moon, Earth Dance and many more.

His style is easily identifiable by an intense groove with deep atmospheres and harmonies. His releases include 4 albums and numerous releases on the top psytrance labels such as Spintwist, Blue Tunes, YSE or Planet Ben, and now his 5th album on Synergetic Records. He collaborated with major artists such as Odiseo, Ace Ventura, Hilight Tribe, Freq, Maelström, Feuerhake, Aerospace, Symphonix. Philippe has become one of the most influential artists of the psytrance scene.

As part of his Sensifeel project, Philippe is also one part of the psytrance act Cyklones with DJ Drenan from Iono Music. Their second album will be launched on Synergetic Records. They have already released one successful album, « City of Klones », on YSE records. Since 2008, he has been showing his a different, more emotional side in his music production with his progressive house solo project Minfeel.



His interest in electronic music was awakend during the early 90’s. Later. in 1993 Thomas aka Mapusa Mapusa visited the first psy-parties and was completely fascinated by the music. During 1995 he began buying vinyls.. and building a collection. Starting off with a pair of turntable imitations he was able to mix music. In early 1996 Thomas travelled to Goa / India, to still the growing curiosity he had for this country, its people and of course the music.

Immediately following the return to Europe he went to Ibiza for a few months. There and before in India he played initial dj sets and got completely thrilled. Returning to Germany, Occiasional booking convinced him to continue his new passion. Many thanks in this place to Ernst and Andrea, who layed the foundations. After meeting Fabio they began spinning as a team. 1999 and 2000 they had the huge honour of playing.. at the Voov Experience festival, as well for U-Site, Free Form etc. The interest n their dj sets grew well beyond Germany. Gigs in South Africa, Japan and Europe followed.

Later Fabio and Mapusa decided to go their own paths, because interests began to change. Then he met Daniel (Shiva Chandra) and they began producing regularly together. Quite fast they produced the first track together. ’Schaukelstuhl’ became a big succes and really surprised them both. So the decicion to found the Auricular project was made, and a year later the first album ’Audion’ was released Request from around the world increased. With appearances on all continents he began travelling. Never pausing performing as a dj, the task remains very enjoyable, with memorable sets in Cape Town, New York, Japan, Mexico and of course Europe.

After a while he started a new project Human Traffic with Stephan Wötanowski. The debut album is going to released in April 2007 on Blue Tunes Records. Another two projects is working pretty well now ’Johnson&Haske’ and ’Fusi&Johnson’ with cool releases on Sprout, Tribal Vision, Powder etc. and killer tracks will coming soon... check it out !!! Today he is 43 years old and can say that he’s having as much fun as ever travelling the world and pleasing people with music and never would want to miss it.



DJ La Niña from Berlin started playing in the late ’90 back to back with Annejoy, her partner for 5 years on German, Swiss and Austrian Psy-Tranceparties. Through the years their style morphed from UK progressive to broken beats and techhouse freestyle, influenced by Californian westcoast musicians such as Hipp-E & Onionz and labels like Bedrock, Star 69 and Velocity. Always looking besides the beaten path Jenny aka ’La Niña’ built a huge vinyl and digital music collection. Nowadays Jenny plays eclectic electronic dance music composed from friends of her neighborhood, the Berlin underground.

Soirée rédigée par sensifeel.





Fabio & Moon


Fusi & Johnson




La Nina


Mapuse Mapuse












Tim Healey



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